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Have You Considered “Move- In Ready” Homes?

There are many options you have when looking into purchasing a new home. I want to point out an option buyers have that most aren’t even aware of. A move-in ready home is also commonly referred to as inventory or a spec home which all hold the same meaning in our real estate lingo. This is a new construction home that is either all the way complete or just nearly finished, and available for an immediate purchase. There are several important factors to consider that play a role in determining whether or not these move-in ready homes are most conducive to your individual needs:

  1. Do you have a time frame to move?

If you are set on purchasing new construction, it is crucial that you know the building time line in advance as a newly built home takes roughly 3-7 months for completion.  Whatever the reason may be, sometimes you just don’t have the time. This is when it is a good idea to check into your options of move-in ready homes. You will not have to stress about finishing the build on time as this project will already be complete, and you get to see exactly what you are buying rather than waiting for the finished product. These move-in ready homes can also be closed quickly as it only takes up to 30 days to process the paperwork. Cut the wait time and move in as soon as the purchase process is finalized!

  1. Need help making decisions?

Most move-in ready homes will already have the finishing touches that you might struggle with picking out. No need to worry, the expert design team has thorough experience and has chosen the best upgrades and features that appeal most to buyers. You already have a million decisions to make along the way, enjoy the convenience of thought out designs, fixtures and upgrades without the task of choosing. These experts know which cabinet would look best with a specific back splash that accents the perfect wall color to give your kitchen that unique finish!

  1. Are you on a budget?

When building new construction from the ground up, all of the features and upgrades start to get costly and can become alarming as the total rises. This is not the case with move-in ready homes as some already include builder selected upgrades at low or no additional cost.  Since these options are already included, you don’t have to worry about adding any money, and in turn keep yourself from exceeding a budget. When purchasing a move-in ready home you also don’t have to pay a service tax and can end up saving more money than you originally would have starting a new construction project.

Building new construction from the beginning and purchasing a move-in ready home are both exciting and great options, but there is only one decision that will best suit your needs. If you want new construction but are in a rush, if you aren’t the best at interior design and need help choosing, and if you are on a strict budget without allotting room for extra costs, move-in ready homes may be the perfect fit for your future. Buy brand new and enjoy luxury living without the hassle and added time of building from the ground up! Take a look at our selection of move-in ready homes, and allow our experts to guide you through the process.