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Joan Revel and Doreen Giuliano - Culpepper Landing

RW New Homes: Top Ten Communities in April

We’re so excited to announce our top ten new home communities for April!

1.     Joan Revell and Doreen Giuliano, Culpepper Landing, ABT Custom Homes, Vintage Homes, Corinth Residential

2.     Lisa Kyriakides, Lawson Hall, Corinth Residential

3.     Suzanne Wells and Joann Pantas—River Bluff, Platinum Homes

4.     Nell Gallagher and Martha Root, Saddlebrook Estates, Hearndon Construction

5.     Rob Mitchell and Carmon Pizzanello—Seasons at Cahoon, Platinum Homes

6.     Deloris Morgan and Julie Scott—Lakes of Joliff, Hearndon Construction

7.     Lois Schultz and Delores Ross—Willow Pond & Madison Landing, Bishard Homes

8.     Jay Osborough, Kings Fork Farm, Terry Peterson

9.     Jenny Lovell, Sajo Farm Porch Homes Terry Peterson

10.  Wendy Halman and Tricia Hubbard, Summer Park, Stephen Alexander Homes