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Top New Homes Agents: March 2014

We want to congratulate our top ten selling new homes sites and agents:

1. Nell Gallagher and Martha Root – Saddlebrook in Suffolk, VA

2. Jay Osborough – Kings Fork Farm – Suffolk, VA

3. Joan Revell and Doreen Giuliano – Culpepper Landing, Chesapeake, VA

4. Rob Mitchell and Carmon Pizzanello – Seasons at Cahoon, Chesapeake, VA

5. Deloris Morgan and Julie Scott – Lakes of Joliff, Chesapeake, VA

6. Scott Berry and Wendy Kelly – Ashville Park: Rainer Village, Virginia Beach, VA

7. Patty Finein and Linda Jones – Culpepper Landing (HH Hunt), Chesapeake, VA

8.  Kelly Hollowell – Affordable New Construction, Hampton Roads, VA

9. Lois Schultz and Delores Ross – Madison Landing and Willow Pond, Virginia Beach, VA

10. Monique Summerlin – North Shore at Ridgley Manor, Virginia Beach, VA