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What People Said About our Homearama Houses

We’re feeling bittersweet this morning because Homearama closed last night – and this year was so much fun. There were tons of opportunities to taste local treasures like O’dooDoodle Dos Donuts, the oysters from Harper’s Table, and meatloaf sliders from RiverStone Chop House. Our REALTORS were on hand to greet, guide, and answer guests’ questions. There were concerts, music performances, and Ellen Drames’ famous Mooving Hummer. Yes a ton of fun and excitement.

But the best part of Homearama is always the houses and what the designers come up with. Think about having a dream, custom built home and getting to fill it with amazing furniture and accessories. To some it may sound like a ton of work, and trust us it is, but really it can be fun to come up with great ideas.

The folks at the Virginian Pilot agreed and they highlighted several of the great options and ideas that our crew from Rose & Womble came up with.

The Lego Room in the Lilleigh Monroe by Preston Homes

“I refuse to grow up, and this Lego-themed room fits perfectly with my childlike mentality. Everything – down to the light-switch plate – is inspired by those kiddie building blocks. That means there is opportunity for imagination and play at every turn and in every corner. According to the toy manufacturer, two Lego blocks – each with eight “studs” for connectors – can be combined in 24 different ways, and three Lego bricks can be rearranged in 1,060 ways. Just think of the possibilities – though in this room, many are right before your eyes.” – Staci Dennis

What creative kid wouldn’t love this fun filled room? Legos everywhere, and yes everything about it is awesome.

The Fire Pit in the Isabelle House built by Christopher Kait Construction

“The fire pit tucked into the backyard makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. As soon as the temps start to drop below 65 degrees, this New York girl – whose blood thinned after four years at college in Miami – looks for the fastest way to get warm. This would do just fine. The paver patio and fish pond, complete with a waterfall, creates a relaxing getaway for family and friends to gather on a cool evening.” – Sandra J. Pennecke

This is a great idea if you’re putting in a fire pit – take the time to add benches – it looks more tidy and easier to fit a crowd.

The media room bar in The Water’s Edge built by HDS, LLC

“The best features of the media room are a built-in bar, wine cooler and an icemaker, all next to the master suite – easy access for a bedtime nightcap.” – Denise Watson

What a grand idea – put a full service bar in the media room – and in this house it happens to be right next to the master suite.

The Vintage Vinyl in The Isabelle House built by Christopher Kait Construction

“The old records secured to a wall in the media room strike the right notes for many reasons. First, they’re a bit nostalgic; I thought about my teenage self jamming to vinyl on a stereo. Secondly, the colors on the labels and the pattern created by them looked cool. And, of course, the whole idea is recycling at its best.” – Sandra J. Pennecke

Great use for old records and it brings a retro feel to a room – perfect for a media room like we used in our Homearama house

The kitchen layout in the Lilleigh Monroe House built by Preston Homes

“If there’s one place in the house I spend most of my time, it’s the kitchen – not because I love to cook, but because I love to eat. The kitchen layout in this house is just my style, blending the family and dining areas into one, large open space. The large prep area surrounding the stove, along with the beautiful backsplash, finishes off the area. With a kitchen like this, I wouldn’t mind spending extra time getting all my favorite food ready.” – Staci Dennis

Great kitchens really become the heart of the home – and this one in the center of the house really measures up. Great surfaces, space, and flow.

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