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Hampton Roads Living: Breakfast Dining in the 757

With a creative spin these doughnuts are worth waking up early to get.

One of the best, and most surprising things about Hampton Roads is the local food scene. From amazing barbeque to she crab soup we are so lucky to enjoy a wide variety of amazing places to temp our tasted buds. And RW is not in the minority.  And we’re really lucky because some of the best food comes at breakfast!

Recently the Virginian Pilot published its In Review: A Year of Food – in which several of its food critics summed up their impressions and favorite places for dining out. That gave me the inspiration to highlight some of my favorite places I’ve discovered this year.

Handsome Biscuit:  2511 Colonial Ave, Park Place – Norfolk . . . The OMG of breakfast foods will make you weep with joy – seriously some delicious biscuits – sweet potato – and an ever changing cast of supporting characters including house made sodas and produce from local farms – yum.  A personal favorite is the Hella Fitzgerald – sweet potato biscuit, gravy, bacon, chicken breast fried and cheese.  The only problem is that its open 8-2 Tuesday-Sunday and the place is seriously small – only 12 seats, but its a great excuse to make friends.  This place made the list from the Pilot and it deserves a place of honor.

The Egg Bistro: 5860 Harbour View Blvd, Harbour View – Suffolk . . . what a fun place to grab any of the three meals –  but breakfast is my favorite.  Local ingredients and a fun, family friendly atmosphere make this an ideal place to go out on a Sunday morning.  Make sure to try Bob’s Biscuits and Gravy – the biscuits melt in your mouth and the gravy is just the right amount of creamy, spicy goodness.  Also for those hungry (or brave enough) to handle the Egg Bistro offers the Belly Buster Skillet Challenge – five pounds of eggs, cheese, sausage, veggies, roasted potatoes, and a biscuit.  If you finish it within an hour then you get the meal for free and a $100 bucks.

Tommy’s Restaurant: 3406 W. Mercury Blvd, Hampton . . . The classic All-American, greasy spoon doesn’t get any better than this – and don’t ask me but ask the line of people out the door for breakfast.  This is a place of breakfast classics – with prices to match.  No thrills or fuss – they don’t even take credit cards! But, it is a Peninsula staple – trust us there are at least four other breakfast places down the road and still the locals are willing to wait in rain, sleet, and humidity to enjoy the food.  A favorite are the giant pancakes – they are fluffy, light, and perfectly golden brown.  Plus they come with eggs any style you want.

O’doodle Doos: 1601 Bridge Road, Suffolk . . . With crazy flavors like Hot Mango Madness you should expect something great – and this place delivers.  The doughnuts are crispy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside, plus they have a rotating 200 flavors that they play with – everyday a new line up.  The best thing is that they do custom orders so if you have someone who wants Batman doughnuts for his birthday  you can get them here!  Worth the drive to Suffolk this place is simply delicious.

Throughout the year we’re going to feature more fun local places to dine – proving again and again that Hampton Roads is a great place to live.  If you have a suggestion, or want to write a review email our blogger at