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Staying Local, Independent, and Growing: Rose & Womble Realty


Local is a buzzword in business today. We’re consistently being told to buy local, shop local, eat local, and be local. It makes a lot of sense – you typically get better service from your neighbors than people who are working for a huge company whose decision makers are several time zones away. Plus, you are helping the local economy keep more money and resources within the community.

Buying and shopping local means that you care about your community.

Yesterday one of our largest, and longest competitors announced that they were being acquired by an out of state company. This news was shocking, exciting, and bittersweet. Shocking because imagine Cowboys without Redskins, or Red Sox without Yankees, and Hokies without Wahoos? Rivalries make for great competition and for many years the company was our rival. Exciting because it’s a change and that always brings about conversation. Bittersweet because another local company isn’t really as local as it could be anymore. Is it as shocking as when the Chinese firm bought Smithfield foods – probably not. But for those of us in the real estate business this means a new thinking because the owner of this company lives in Pennsylvania not Virginia, definitely not local.

Now that the announcement has been made and the changes are underway there is one remaining constant: Rose & Womble Realty Company has always been YOUR LOCAL and Home-Grown Real Estate Resource.

Rose & Womble is a company that was born and bred in Hampton Roads – our owners live and work here in Hampton Roads. We are a family owned and operated business – with multiple generations working at all levels, from agents to managers. Our agents have access to the owners for guidance, advice, and mentorship. Our mangers meet regularly with the owners– face to face – to discuss real estate in Hampton Roads. Our Board of Directors members are consistently asked to speak about local real estate issues. The leadership within the company is LOCAL – not out of state – but right here in the Seven Cities.

We believe that people are more important than houses – it’s our motto because it’s true. We live it everyday when we see a family close on their first house, or help a military service member move his family across the country. We live it when a new REALTOR© joins our firm or when we celebrate the 25th year of business for one of our established agents. Our administrative staffs have low turnover, which means our REALTORS© know who is supporting them throughout the transaction.

But being local doesn’t mean being small or old fashioned – we have Resale, Property Management, and New Homes Divisions. We own our own residential real estate research firm and have our own title and settlement company. We have a great mortgage partner with another local firm Monarch Bank. Our agents have access to a full-time marketing department and IT department. We constantly offer training, technology upgrades, and leading industry experts to our agents and clients.

That is why we the Owners, Agents, and Employees of Rose & Womble Realty Company are YOUR LOCAL Real Estate Resource in Hampton Roads, Virginia.